Surgical Oncology

We CARE to provide advanced oncosurgical services by team of renowned expert cancer surgeons of south gujarat

Breast Oncology

Breast conservative surgery, Oncoplastic surgeries, All types of mastectomies and reconstruction

Thoracic oncoloty

VATS and all types of minimal invasive surgery for esophagus and lung cancer, Mediastinoscopy, Surgery for Mediastinal masses, etc

Gynaec Oncology

Laparoscopic and nerve sparing Radical hysterectomies Cytoreductive of Staging surgery for Ovarian and Endometrial cancer Advanced surgeries like Fertility preserving an organ sparing surgeries

Head and Neck Oncology

Surgeries for Oral and Tongue cancers Microlaryneal surgery All types of laryngectomies including organ conservation surgery All types of reconstructive surgeries including micovascular free flap Surgeries for thyroid and salivary gland tumors

Hepato Pancreatico biliary Oncology

Pancreaticoduodenectomy (Whipple) Radical cholecystectomies and Lived resections, etc,

GI Oncology

Laparoscopic minimal invasive surgeries like Radical gastrectomy with D2 lymphnode dissection Hemicolectomies, Low Anterior Resection, APR, etc

Genito Urinary Oncology

Radical Nephrectomy Retroperitoneal lymphnode dissection Redical Cystectomy, Radical Prostatectomies etc

Ortho Oncology

Surgeries for all types of Bone and Soft tissue Sarcoma

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